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Namaste & Welcome to the Cooking School Cocina Mitho Chha in Lazimpat Parador.
Behind the palace walls in the diplomatic enclave of Lazimpat in the city of Kathmandu are two old houses. Tucked away in a side lane and nestled in a walled garden, Lazimpat Parador has two beautiful old buildings house, a residencial and a restaurant. Together, they offer quiet and respite from the hustle and bustle of city life and the tourist trail.

Our aim is to offer guests a simple, beautiful accommodation and home cooked food service inside or on the veranda in the garden.

However, Lazimpat Parador is so much more…..
Around twenty years ago, a group of concerned people from Catalonia formed a group Association Nepal Aki (ANA) to raise funds to sponsor the education of Nepalese. There is a long history of Catalans and Spanish people adopting children from Nepalese orphanages but ANA came to understand one specific group of children were particularly vulnerable and needed support.

Once children have finished their education at the age of 16, they will leave the orphanage and try and find their way in the world. With no family support this can be a hazardous time. ANA realized that these young people can be helped on their way to a brighter future if they received vocational training.

Nepal´s economy is based on subsistence farming and small industries. By far the biggest and growing sector of the economy is tourism. It seemed then, to ANA, that to train young people to work in the service sector would arm them with the skills to find work anywhere from a small, family café to a five star hotel. Training and experience are the keys to finding long term employment and gaining an independent lifestyle.

ANA volunteers raised money from membership donations and fund raising events in Catalonia to open a training school based in a self sustaining restaurant and residency to offer children from orphanages 100% scholarships.

Nepal Contact

Association Nepal Aki- Cocina Mitho Chha

Lazimpat, Kathmandu, Nepal

(001) 977 1 4428374

Spain Contact

Association Nepal Aki

Casa Orlandai Calle Jaume Piquet, 23,08017 Barcelona

(001) 977 1 4428374