Barista Courses

Here are Cocina Mitho Chha hospitality school, we offer barista training. This sector is very new to the nepalese culture, yet is rapidly growing. This is due to the increase in tourism as well as the general liking of coffee, and it becoming more popular in Kathmandu. The duration of our classes are between one and six months, depending on the students time and interest within the field. We usually take up to 10 students within each class. Our program is made up of many practical lessons in our restaurant and bar here at Cocina Mitho Chaa. This is important so that the students learn early on how to interact with customers. After the completion of the program and the exams, we gladly help out students to find their future paths, and guid them in the search of a new job. 

Diploma in Barista Training


Duration of the Training: 390 hours

  • Daily 2 hours classes 

  • Six days a week

  • In house training 2 weeks (20% theory & 80% practical)

  • On the job training (OJT): 8hrs/day for 1 month in Cocina Mitho Chha

  • Support for documentation and job interviews 

  • Motivation and personal development class

  • Support for job placement 

Extra Activities:


  • Hotel visit

  • Guest lecture

  • Urban gardening and compost making

  • Waste management and recycling

  • Career counselling

  • Hospitality English language