Cooking Courses

We offer different types of cooking courses here at Cocina Mitho Chha. Our aim is to give our students an excellent grounding and understanding of this carrier sector. We try to encourage all our students as much as possible, giving them courage and self respect, necessary for their future paths. Our courses have different durations, depending on the students needs and interests. We take up to to 10 students per class. The course covers many areas to give students basic skills and understand of food preparation and how to run a kitchen. Topics covered include personal and food hygiene, menu planning, food preparation and storage, food handling, cooking skills, and record keeping. After having completed the classes, students will be able to use their skills in other cafes, restaurants and hotels, allowing them to further their abilities to work in the kitchen sector of hospitality. Some students continue working here at Cocina Mitha Chha and even become teachers themselves. We are happy to guid and help all of our students with finding future placements and jobs if needed. 

Diploma in Cooking Training


Duration of the Training: 792 hours

  • Daily 2 hours classes

  • Six days a week

  • In house training 3 months (20% theory & 80% practical)

  • Internship: 3 months, 8 hours / day at Cocina Mitho Chha or other places 

  • Support for documentation and job interviews 

  • Motivation and personal development class 

  • Support for job placement 

Extra Activities:


  • Hotel visit

  • Guest lecture

  • Urban gardening and compost making

  • Waste management and recycling

  • Career counselling

  • Hospitality English language