Hospitality English

Due to the increased tourism in Nepal, it becomes very important to be able to speak some English. We offer the basics of hospitality English here at Cocina Mitho Chha. These skills will be very helpful for future communication with English speaking tourists. English is a world wide common language, spoken by the majority of tourists and travellers. Since our school is a well trained in hospitality, we offer the most necessary English that is needed to get around in that working sector. Our courses have different durations, offering more simple skills as well as more advanced English training, depending on the students time and interest. We are happy to provide you with more information, just send us an e-mail or contact us directly through calling our front office at Cocina Mitho Chha.

Course Outline for Hospitality English


Duration of the Training: 4 weeks

  • Daily 1 hour classes 

  • Two days a week

  • Support for documentation and job interviews 

  • Support for job placement 

  • Motivation and personal development class

Extra Activities:


  • Hotel visit

  • Guest lecture

  • Urban gardening and compost making

  • Waste management and recycling

  • Career counselling

  • Hospitality English language