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Donate and Help Us Grow

Association Nepal Aki-Cocina mitho chha is sustainable social enterprise has been established with the purpose of educating the youth in Nepal. We offer scholarships to young people from different backgrounds, such as children from orphanages, mountains, and those who come from low-income families in Nepal, so that these gain the opportunity of a better future. All funds to support the running of the school and the scholarships are raised form our BNB our restaurant, our local Nepali food cooking classes we offer to our guests, and the training fees from fee-paying students. 

We are happy about each and every donation and help we get. This let us support our school and our students, and to grow as a project and achieve our future goals.  Our aim for the future is to grow our project, and as a community. Increasing our network of students, donors, volunteers and employees. We hope that through further, future donations, we are able to expand and provide more students with an education and job opportunities, expanding not only our horizon but also the one of our future generation. 

And maybe one day in the future, we are able to for fill our dream of becoming our own complete, teaching hotel, providing education to people all around Nepal.


Donate now through 'omprakash', an organisation founded in 2004, with the aim "to build mutually beneficial & educational relationships between grassroots social impact organisations - a.k.a. our Partners- and volunteers, donors & classrooms around the world who can learn from & support their work" (omprakash,2004). You are welcome to donate to the whole project, as well as to particular students who's future and training you would like to sponsor.