Our Achievements

CMC started off as a small training centre offering cooking classes, a restaurant with only a few tables, and a bed and breakfast with two rooms. Today we are proud to say that we are able to offer over seven training programs, language courses, have a restaurant with over thirteen tables, and that is presented within a beautiful garden surrounding, and a bed and breakfast featuring nine rooms. Since 2012, CMC has given educational training to over 400 students, some of which became managers and chefs already, and has hosted over 27 volunteer workers, who came to help and support our small project. We have hosted over 400 Nepali cooking classes, each of which helped us raise more money to support our school. CMC has managed to reach out to 15 different NGO’s 15 different orphanages, letting us further more improve as an association and strive towards our future visions.


Our Former Students

Most of our students have been successfully given job opportunities or even managed to start their own small businesses in Nepal, whereas others even are currently studying or working abroad. 

We proudly present a few examples of our former students and their current paths:



  • Surya Syanba Tamang is working in the barista section of ‘Vesper Cafe’ in Jhamsikhel.

  • Dhan Bahadur Bishwakarma is working as a kitchen assistant in ‘Raithane Restaurant’.

  • ‘Bayleaf Restaurant’ opened its restaurant in Tangal, with our students as their staff.

  • Sameer Bhatta is working at ‘Address Lounge’ as well as being a barista Instructor.

  • Anita Gurung became a manager at ‘DD Bakery Cafe’.

  • Urken Sherpa is working as assistant cook at ’11 Diamond Restaurant’, Kapan, and is soon going to open his own Cafe.

  • Sanjog Tamang is working in the barista sector at ‘Hotel Art’, Thamel.

  • Sudip Gurung is working as a cook at ‘Raithane Restaurant’.

  • Namaraj Rijal is working as a cook at ‘Hotel Rose Garden’.

  • Most of the staffs at ‘Cocina Mitho Chha’ is made up of our former students.

  • Some of our students travelled all the way to Japan, Australia, U.K., U.S.A., Germany, China, Sychelles, Dubai and Malta, and are currently working there within the hospitality sector.​