Fresh ingredients straight from our garden

Our restaurant offers a menu, featuring the traditional flavours of the Nepalese cuisine, adding our own modern touch, as well as presenting our guests with a variety of confidential dishes from Europe and Asia, especially from Spain. All of our dishes are freshly prepared, using vegetables and herbs from our own green garden in our compound, as well as using organic products directly provided to us by a farm in Gorkha. Here we support the social project, ‘Peepalbot Village Co-operative’. Peepalbot Agriculture Cooperative was established to help the farmers and children in the mountains.  We support them with their agriculture, through purchasing their products, such as spices and vegetables, buying the food directly from the source, so that they will get the maximum amount of profits. Their food gets served here in Cocina Mitho Chha, as well as their products which one can find at our souvenir shop. If you are interested to visit, you are the most welcome. We are not only focusing on the education of children, yet also on the development of sustainability. We’re trying to make our place as green as possible, making sure to pay close attention to recycling, reusing of products, as well as making our own compost from our kitchen waste to fuel our vegetable garden. If you are interested to learn how to cook traditional Nepalese dishes yourself, our chefs are happy to teach you during our provided cooking classes at Cocina Mitho Chha.