Eat for a Social Cause

Association Nepal Aki-Cocina mitho chha is sustainable social enterprise has been established with the purpose of educating the youth in Nepal. We offer scholarships to young people from different backgrounds, such as children from orphanages, mountains, and those who come from low-income families in Nepal, so that these gain the opportunity of a better future. All funds to support the running of the school and the scholarships are raised form our BNB our restaurant, our local Nepali food cooking classes we offer to our guests, and the training fees from fee-paying students. 

Our restaurant offers a menu, featuring the traditional flavours of the Nepalese cuisine, adding our own modern touch, as well as presenting our guests with a variety of confidential dishes from Europe and Asia, especially from Spain. All of our dishes are freshly prepared, using vegetables and herbs from our own green garden in our compound, as well as using organic products directly provided to us by a farm in Gorkha. Here we support the social project, ‘Peepalbot Village Co-operative’, which helps the local villagers and farmers on the country side, to enjoy a sustainable life. If you are interested to visit, you are the most welcome. Also if you are interested to learn how to cook traditional Nepalese dishes yourself, our chefs are happy to teach you  at Cocina Mitho Chha.