Our Network

We do have a wide network in the tourism sectors, such as business houses, travel and trekking companies, social cooperatives, restaurants, cafés, and bars, small and big hotels, children homes, local NGOs and public schools.

We have had a lot of help over the years and many people have supported us by donating money so that we can further our project and help the youth of Nepal. With donations, we can buy better equipment for the students but also arrange different projects for them, like visiting different hotels to give the children different impressions of work environments.

People think we don’t have jobs here in Nepal, but if you have the skills within a certain field, such as hospitality, then there are lots of opportunities presented to one here in Nepal. Due to the growth of tourism within the country, the demand for hospitality employment increases, making it easier for our students to get a placement within the field of hospitality. 

Our aim for the future is to grow our project, and as a community. Increasing our network of students, donors, volunteers and employees. We hope that through further, future donations, we are able to expand and provide more students with an education and job opportunities, expanding not only our horizon but also the one of our future generation. 

And maybe one day in the future, we are able to for fill our dream of becoming our own complete, teaching hotel, providing education to people all around Nepal. 

CMC, NGO's, and Children Home Collaboration: