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Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Yamur is 23 years old. She heard about the Barista training school though an NGO that often partners with CMC, The Blue Diamond Society (BDS). BDS is an LGBTQ rights organization in Nepal and has been partnering with CMC for the past year.

Yamur and her friend were both referred to attend training schools at CMC to assist with learning employment skills and getting job placement. Yamur is the third oldest in a family of seven children. Her family is from a small village in Eastern Nepal. Her parents are rice farmers. Three of her siblings have already left Nepal to work abroad in gulf countries.

Yamur and one of her sisters traveled to Kathmandu, like many youth in search of employment opportunities. Yamur said she enjoyed the Barista training school very much and was surprised and happy at how accepted and comfortable she felt. After completion of the training program CMC assisted in finding her a job at a local hotel.

Unfortunately due to COVID19 and lockdown she could not start work immediately after completion of the program and had to return on the long 11 hour bus journey to her village where she spent the 84 days of lockdown. She finally returned to Kathmandu this week and began working at the hotel.

Yamur's short term goal is to find work abroad after she has worked at the hotel for a year and improved her skills. Her long term goal is to someday manage a hotel.

Yamur's Faves

Drink- Cafe Latte



Music-Nepali Romantic Love Songs


You can assist a young student like Yamur and give them an opportunity to learn to be a barista, a cook, a baker and other skills that will help them become gainfully employed in the hospitality and tourism industries.

You can sponsor a student like Yamur to attend Barista training school for only $200 USD!


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