Charity Run Hospitality School, BNB,and  Restaurant

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Training Young Students,

in Hospitality 

Around twenty years ago, a group of concerned people from Catalonia formed a group Association Nepal Aki (ANA). ANA volunteers raised money from membership donations and fund raising events in Catalonia to open a training school based in a self sustaining restaurant and residency to offer children from orphanages 100% scholarships. Cocina Mitha Chha trains these children in the field of hospitality, so that these are able to develop as individuals and be able to follow a better path in their future.


Fresh, Spanish 

and Local Cuisine 

Our restaurant, Cocina Mitho Chha means delicious kitchen!
We aim to serve dishes varying from the traditional flavours of the Nepali cuisine, and a modern touch of food a mixture of traditional flavors with western dishes, especially from Catalonia, for a cosmopolitan menu. 
We use local ingredients from the fresh food market at Ason, and organic where possible and we brings some organic vegetables like pumpkin, ginger , garlic and honey from mountain village called Takumajh Lakuribot , Gorkha where we are supporting to the villagers  by buying their farming product. 


Stay at our Beautiful 

Bed and Breakfast

Cocina Mitho Chha is Sustainable Social Enterprise. We have 9 Bed and Breakfast rooms, a restaurant and cooking school where we offer scholarships for professional hotel training  to your people from local orphanages. All rooms are named after Himalaya peaks.

We are located on prime location around embassy zone in Lazimpat, Kathmandu.All funds to support the running of the school and the scholarships are raised for our BNB and restaurant.

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Nil Sarsaswati Marga Lazimpat,Kathmandu 

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